Watch this video and more on Seven Movements

Watch this video and more on Seven Movements


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Up Next in Pain Free Movement Mastery for the Home- 20 Week Program

  • At Home 20 - Total Body

    In this sequence, we are going to move the entire body. Putting together everything you have learned over the past 19 weeks.

    Master this sequence and have fun with it. Movement is fun, especially when you begin to master it as you have.

  • At Home 19 - Energize Part II

    We all get tired and lethargic from time to time. Both mentally and physically.

    Mastering this sequence will give you the ability to change your bodies state in the moment. Bring energy into your body.

    A true master of movement has the ability to use movement to alter their state both phy...

  • At Home 18 - The Shoulders and neck P...

    Master this sequence to gain mobility through the shoulders and neck area. So many of us experience pain in this area and learning these movements and consistently practicing them will help you avoid injury and prevent and eliminate pain.

    Take your time, be mindful, and slowly build these mov...