Watch this video and more on Seven Movements

Watch this video and more on Seven Movements

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Up Next in Pain Free Movement Mastery for the Office - 20 week Program

  • Office 2 - The Hips

    Sitting can leave us with all sorts of aches and pains. Many of those originate in the hips.

    Master this sequence to be able to mobilize those hips after a long period of sitting or standing. This is a must learn for anyone looking to master movement in the office. The moves may seem awkwa...

  • Office 1 - Shoulders and Neck

    Most of us who spend time at the computer can relate to this type of shoulder and neck stiffness and pain.

    Mastering this sequence gives us a tool to combat that pain and ensure we don't incur long term damage to our body due to the nature of our job

  • Office 3 - The Head

    Often our headaches are a result of long stints at the computer. This sequence will change your life forever if you suffer from tension headaches. Our subscribers absolutely rave about this one. Spend time mastering this sequence and slowly perfect it as it will leave you with a tool to allevi...