Watch this video and more on Seven Movements

Watch this video and more on Seven Movements

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Up Next in Pain Free Movement Mastery for the Office - 20 week Program

  • Office 4 - Posture

    We introduced Yoga into our office program because Mastering the fundamentals will change the way you move forever. In this sequence, Harmony shows us how to gently improve ur posture that suffers from long term sitting.

    We hope that you not only learn to love and master this sequence but it ...

  • Office 5: The Lower Back

    Almost every client we have ever worked with has dealt with lower back pain at one point in their lives. Mastery of this sequence involves practice, practice, practice.

    Follow John and learn to prevent and alleviate that back pain associated with sitting too much. This sequence is incredibly...

  • Office 15 - Lower Back Part II

    Low back pain affects most of us at some point in life. What if the office was a place that helped you prevent back pain rather than cause it? It is possible but we have to spend time learning these strategies.

    Some of these movements will be awkward at first but this is why we repeat them a...