Living Room (Equipment Free) - Feel Better

Living Room (Equipment Free) - Feel Better

Our homes can be really stagnant places where we are not moving much.

These movement breaks are designed to help us prevent pain and injury and bring us energy.

So whether you are suffering from back pain or just need an energizer in the morning or before hitting the gym these solutions are for you.

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Living Room (Equipment Free) - Feel Better
  • At Home 1 - The Upper Back

    Learning how to mobilize the upper back is a vital part of preventing and eliminating back pain. It is important to remember this is a mastery program. Go slow and learn each movement.

    You may seem awkward or that you have a limitied range of motion at first. Repetition and consistency chan...

  • At Home 2 - The Hips

    The mobility of the hips can be the cure for so many pain related issues and it. can also help you enhance performance in your favourite activities.

    Mastering this sequence slowly will give you the confidence to move with purpose. A real game changer.

  • At Home 3 - The Knees and Ankles

    The knees and ankles can be the cause of so many of our aches and pains. Mastering this sequence gives you the tools to mobilize this often neglected area.

    Take your time and master these movements slowly and with repetition, your body will thank you.

  • At Home 4 - The Head

    Mastering this sequence could literally change your life and it has for many of our users. We often don't think of using movement to address a headache but it can often be the cure.

    Take your time to master this sequence for long term headache relief.

    We often neglect the head in training,...

  • At Home 5 - The Lower Back

    Most of us have experienced low back pain at some point in our lives. Mastering this sequence will give us some tools to prevent and eliminate low back pain.

    Take it slow and learn each movement in this sequence to become a master of the low back.

  • At Home 6 - Posture

    Having poor posture can be the root cause of many of our aches and pains. Spending time mastering this sequence will give you the tools to improve and correct your posture.

    While some of these movements may seem awkward for you at first it is why we practice them. Over time you will develop...

  • At Home 7 - Total Body Re-Charge

    Change the body - change the mind. This sequence is great for those days when you are not only feeling physically tired but mentally tired as well.

    To become a master of movement we must learn how we can supercharge the body with some energy in our times of need or simply just to bring more e...

  • At Home 8- Energize

    Being able to alter our body and mind's state in the moment takes an understanding of the total body.

    Mastery of this sequence will give you the ability to start practicing how to do this. Go slow and be deliberate, remeber mastery is about practice, practice, practice.

  • At Home 9 - The Hips Part II

    Mastering the mobilization of the hips can be life-changing. Good hip mobility is fundamental to all of our daily movements and the hips tend to be an area we neglect in our self-care practice. This leads to the hips being the root cause of many aches and pains.

    Take your time mastering this...

  • At Home 10 - The Shoulders and Neck

    Our shoulders and neck are critical to the daily function of our bodies. When we have pain in either it can really ruin our day.

    Master these movements to do critical preventative self-care on this area of the body to avoid and eliminate pain and injuries.

  • At Home 11 - Total Body Re-Charge II

    Once again we have a sequence that is perfect for us if we are in need of a quick burst of physical or mental energy.

    These movements get all of the pumps in the body working leaving you feeling amazing. Mastering these total body re-charge sequences could be a real game-changer for you.

  • At Home 12 - The Forearms

    Taking care of your forearms and wrists is a crucial part of the body often neglected.

    In this sequence, we learn how to avoid pain and injury in this area as well as some self-care strategies that will leave your arms feeling amazing.

    Go slow and be mindful with each movement. Mastery req...

  • At Home 13 - The knees and Ankles Part II

    Mastering this sequence will have you participating in your favorite activities without fear of pain. Our feet and ankles are involved in most of our movement and we need to learn to take care of this part of our body.

    Many aches and pains originate in the foot and ankle so take your time and...

  • At Home 14 - The Upper Back Part II

    Our upper back mobility is critical to our ability to move well.

    Spend time to slowly learn these movements. Take your time to do them right and with enough practice, you will become proficient.

    Once you are able to gain some mobility in your upper back you will start to see the changes i...

  • At Home 15 - The Forearms Part II

    We use our arms for a lot of our movements. We also use them to lift, extend, move things around. yet, we often forget about them in our self-care strategies.

    Mastering this sequence will give you a tool for life to keep your arms feeling amazing.

  • At Home 16 - the Head Part II

    Mastering this sequence of the head is vitally important to becoming a Total Body Movement Master.

    We often don't associate the head with pain unless we have a headache and then we pop a pill.

    This sequence is going to give you some strategies to deploy before reaching for that bottle of pi...

  • At Home 17 - Posture Part II

    Having good posture is vital to anyone who wants to move without pain and discomfort. It is the baseline from which we operate.

    Take your time to master the movements in this sequence and slowly grow your skill. Your body is going to thank you.

  • At Home 18 - The Shoulders and neck Part II

    Master this sequence to gain mobility through the shoulders and neck area. So many of us experience pain in this area and learning these movements and consistently practicing them will help you avoid injury and prevent and eliminate pain.

    Take your time, be mindful, and slowly build these mov...

  • At Home 19 - Energize Part II

    We all get tired and lethargic from time to time. Both mentally and physically.

    Mastering this sequence will give you the ability to change your bodies state in the moment. Bring energy into your body.

    A true master of movement has the ability to use movement to alter their state both phy...

  • At Home 20 - Total Body

    In this sequence, we are going to move the entire body. Putting together everything you have learned over the past 19 weeks.

    Master this sequence and have fun with it. Movement is fun, especially when you begin to master it as you have.