Living Room (Equipment Free) - 20 Week 55+program

Living Room (Equipment Free) - 20 Week 55+program

Commit to moving at least 7-minutes a day. This program is designed to help you build the movement fundamentals you need to age well and continue doing the activities you love.

This program will give you the skills you need to prevent falls, prevent pain and injury, and live your best life without overwhelming you.

Move through the program by mastering 1 video each week. If you are feeling good try 2-3 each day. Listen, when you hit 55 you are going to do things at your own pace regardless of what we say, so do what feels good and enjoy moving well.

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Living Room (Equipment Free) - 20 Week 55+program
  • Week 1 - 55+

    John walks us through a total body tissue preparation to show you how to increase your ability to move. Master this sequence to improve your ability to reach forward and reduce back pain.

  • WEEK 2 : 55+

    John walks us through this 7-minutes of movement preparation to help get us moving better through the hips allows us to bend without pain or discomfort.

    This solution is a vital piece to your progress. Master it and reap the benefits of improved mobility.

  • Week 3 - 55+

    Falls are a major cause of pain and injuries in older adults. This week we focus on some basic balance and stability exercises. Building on week 1 & 2 your body is ready to challenge itself in this area. Be sure to stay within your comfort zone and personal movement bubble at first.

  • Week 4 - 55+

    Mastering this sequence will help improve your ability to move well doing the activities you love. The first 3 weeks have been building up to this making you an all-around better mover. Try a day where you go through weeks 1-4 in sequence and feel the power of movement.

  • Week 5 - 55+

    Back to tissue preparation this week. Being able to squat down is critical to being able to move well in many activities. This week we show you how you can improve your ability to squat by simply preparing your tissues for movement,

  • Week 6 - 55+

    This week we continue our quest to improve your squat. This movement preparation is critical in the process of building this important movement pattern and mastering it will allow you to start working towards more balance and stability in the squat position that is so important to all of us.

  • Week 7- 55+

    The ability to squat in multiple directions with stability and balance is critical for so many of our daily tasks. This week we focus on building that stability.

  • Week 8 - 55+

    Time to start squatting

  • Week 9 - 55+

    Being able to go from ground to standing is a critical indicator of long term health. This first video helps you learn to do tissue preparation for this incredibly vital movement.

  • Week 10 - 55+

    This critical ability is vital to your long term health. Spend some time practicing with John various way of getting up off the ground.

  • Week 11 - 55+

  • Week 12 - 55+

  • Week 13 - 55+

    It is time to learn the push-up and get up.

  • Week 14 - 55+

  • Week 15 - 55+

  • Week 16 - 55+

  • Week 17 - 55+

  • Week 18 - 55+

  • Week 19 - 55+

  • Week 20 - 55+