Watch this video and more on Seven Movements

Watch this video and more on Seven Movements

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Office 5: The Lower Back

At Desk (Equipment Free) - Feel Better • 7m 30s

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  • Office 6 - Upper Back Yoga

    Again Harmony focuses on teaches us the principles of Yoga, this time with a focus on the upper back.

    Many f us feel upper back pain throughout our day and mastering this sequence and consistently applying it can get your body to a place where upper back pain is a thing of the past.

    Go slow...

  • Office 7 - Posture

    This amazing sequence was designed to give you a tool to improve your posture while sitting right at your desk.

    Mastering this sequence gives you another tool in your toolbox to alleviate the pain and stiffness you feel after spending some time seated.

    Take your time and master each move th...

  • Office 8 - The Head Part II

    In this second sequence focused on the head, we build on the skills you learned in the first head sequence.

    Mastering this sequence should come a little quicker since you have already learned some of these skills.

    It is time to practice and build consistency into your routine.