At Desk (Equipment Free) - Feel Better

At Desk (Equipment Free) - Feel Better

One of the most important places we can bring movement is our stagnant workplaces.

Sometimes it is hard to sneak away from the desk for a movement break, so we designed some movement breaks you can do right at your desk to prevent and eliminate common aches and pains as well as bring your energy when you need it most.

Whether you feel a headache coming on or you are trying to beat that 3pm funk we have a solution that can leave you feeling great. And if we don't have something you are looking for just let us know and we will create it.

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At Desk (Equipment Free) - Feel Better
  • Office 1 - Shoulders and Neck

    Most of us who spend time at the computer can relate to this type of shoulder and neck stiffness and pain.

    Mastering this sequence gives us a tool to combat that pain and ensure we don't incur long term damage to our body due to the nature of our job

  • Office 2 - The Hips

    Sitting can leave us with all sorts of aches and pains. Many of those originate in the hips.

    Master this sequence to be able to mobilize those hips after a long period of sitting or standing. This is a must learn for anyone looking to master movement in the office. The moves may seem awkwa...

  • Office 3 - The Head

    Often our headaches are a result of long stints at the computer. This sequence will change your life forever if you suffer from tension headaches. Our subscribers absolutely rave about this one. Spend time mastering this sequence and slowly perfect it as it will leave you with a tool to allevi...

  • Office 4 - Posture

    We introduced Yoga into our office program because Mastering the fundamentals will change the way you move forever. In this sequence, Harmony shows us how to gently improve ur posture that suffers from long term sitting.

    We hope that you not only learn to love and master this sequence but it ...

  • Office 5: The Lower Back

    Almost every client we have ever worked with has dealt with lower back pain at one point in their lives. Mastery of this sequence involves practice, practice, practice.

    Follow John and learn to prevent and alleviate that back pain associated with sitting too much. This sequence is incredibly...

  • Office 6 - Upper Back Yoga

    Again Harmony focuses on teaches us the principles of Yoga, this time with a focus on the upper back.

    Many f us feel upper back pain throughout our day and mastering this sequence and consistently applying it can get your body to a place where upper back pain is a thing of the past.

    Go slow...

  • Office 7 - Posture

    This amazing sequence was designed to give you a tool to improve your posture while sitting right at your desk.

    Mastering this sequence gives you another tool in your toolbox to alleviate the pain and stiffness you feel after spending some time seated.

    Take your time and master each move th...

  • Office 8 - The Head Part II

    In this second sequence focused on the head, we build on the skills you learned in the first head sequence.

    Mastering this sequence should come a little quicker since you have already learned some of these skills.

    It is time to practice and build consistency into your routine.

  • Office 9 - Upper Back

    Master this sequence to mobilize your upper back and learn to reduce pain and stiffness.

    Having pain in our upper back cannot only leave us feeling awful it can then trigger a series of events that give us pain in other areas of the body.

    Take your time and build this sequence into your day.

  • Office 10 - Lower Back Yoga

    Join Harmony as she helps us master some of the fundamentals of Yoga that will help alleviate some lower back pain and stiffness.

    Mastering this routine will take some time and patience, go slow, and build your skills. If you are already a yogi you may have a step up. But as any student kno...

  • Office 11 - Wrists and Forearms

    An often neglected part of the body the forearms and wrists are vital to take care of for the office worker.

    We spend so much time at a computer typing away we sometimes forget the repetitive strain we put on this part of our body. By the time we realize it, we are crippled with pain.


  • Office 12 - Stress Relief

    Sometimes we need to learn how to slow down. This sequence will teach you mastery over your breathing. In those moments of high anxiety, these techniques will give you control and allow you to slow things down.

    To become a true master of movement we must master breathing. Harmony gives us t...

  • Office 13 - Energize

    Sometimes we need to energize in a moments notice. Mastering how can take time and patience. Take your time getting up to speed with this sequence. Move slow and slowly speed up your pace with each movement this week.

  • Office 14 - Wrists and Forearms Part II

    These strategies will leave your hands and forearms feeling amazing after a day at work. Spend time mastering each of them and start to feel how they work for you.

    This sequence will leave you feeling confident that you will no longer have to deal with that pesky hand and forearm pain that pl...

  • Office 15 - Lower Back Part II

    Low back pain affects most of us at some point in life. What if the office was a place that helped you prevent back pain rather than cause it? It is possible but we have to spend time learning these strategies.

    Some of these movements will be awkward at first but this is why we repeat them a...

  • Office 16 - Hips: yoga Inspired

    Harmony helps us master some fundamental yoga movements that will take care of our hips. Our hips can be either the reason we move well or the cause of a lot of pain and suffering.

    Master this sequence to not only gain some more exposure to Yoga in the office but to slowly build resilience in...

  • Office 17 - Hips Part II

    John will teach you how to address hips that so often get tight while sitting all day which end up leaving us in pain or susceptible to injury in our after work activities. By mastering this sequence you will have the tools to quickly bring more mobility to your hips.

    Be patient with this seq...

  • Office 18 - Upper Back Part II

    John walks us through how to master preventing and eliminating upper back pain so often associated with office environments, including those with stand-up desk. This one is going to really set you up for long term success.

  • Office 19 - Shoulders and Neck Part II

    Master this sequence to eliminate and prevent shoulder and neck pain so common in our office environment.

    John walks us through a 7-minute solution that you will be able to use for years to come. The shoulders and neck are two areas that have real potential for long term injury in the office....

  • Office 20 - Energize Yoga

    Harmony walks us through some Yoga inspired movement that will give us that much-needed energy to get through our day. Master the art of bringing yourself energy in the moment without using pills or caffeine. This one is a game changer.